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SecurityExposure started their On Demand Application Security Scanning Services




We are going to present our research and technologies at conferences like HITB, RSA and InfosecWorld etc in 2008. See us at these conferences.

  Welcome to Securityexposure

We are specialized in On Demand Strategic Security Solutions for corporate networks and critical infrastructures. We provide our services to secure infrastructure of any size world wide; our services are targeted to financial and banking, online trading systems, manufacturing hubs, pharmaceutical networks etc. We scan large networks by using proven threat model to identify vulnerabilities in the network. We identify and map these vulnerabilities to derive risk profile for corporate network. This profile along with mitigation strategies would give actionable solution to the corporate.


To protect client’s critical assets from external and internal threats through state-of-the-art know-how built around proven methodologies, strong technologies and sound research. At core we are technology driven security solution company and we focus to provide the most effective solution to the client.