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We have different versions of On Demand Products to server various clients and verticals. Here is the list of strategic solutions from which you can choose on the basis of your requirement:

On Demand Infrastructure Vulnerability Scan (ODIVS) – Corporate will get an account and can set up a scan at any point of time, our system will finish the basic scan. Our project manager will assign tasks to security engineers to observe report and consolidate the findings. This will be more interactive and human intellect intensive process. It is combination of automated and human interactive scanning. It helps in reducing false positives and identifying effective vulnerabilities on the basis of our threat model. Read our methodology

On Demand Application Vulnerability Scan (ODAVS) - Corporate can use this scan to identify application layer vulnerabilities. In this scan we focus on web application layer running on http (80) or https(443) and try to identify critical vulnerabilities like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, Directory browsing etc. Our team along with automated tools generate consolidated report along with mitigation planning for each of these applications. This scan gives complete application security posture for corporate. Read our methodology

In our delivery process we open an account for client in our secure operation center. IP addresses of this center are not mapped to any DNS entries and client needs to access them directly based on IP security. To access their portal client needs to register their IP address from where they are going to access. These IP addresses will be granted access to the center. Each client will access portal over SSL tunnel with authentication tokens.